LUNAWOOD® by Gabarró dresses the new sustainable building of the Lycée Français de Barcelona

The thermo-treated wood from Lunawood has been the material chosen to cover the installations of the new building of the Lycée Français de Barcelona.
The b720 architecture studio has carried out the renovation project of the nursery school, the Munner nursery of the French school, which lasted 14 months. With this sustainable project, a total of 800 m² have been covered, with LUNAWOOD® planked pine and fir wood planks specifically for outdoor spaces.

b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos is a studio that produces rigorously contemporary architecture committed to the responsible use of natural resources. With a trajectory of more than 20 years, its coherence is based on a work methodology of its own in which each project is a specific search focused on the response to the program, context, budget and time, with special attention to the constructive process.
Amalgam of tradition and modernity

Until now, the buildings of the Lycée Français de Barcelona were the sum of a series of temporary buildings, erected over the years around two villas of the early twentieth century, which needed a renovation. After analyzing all the possible options, the creation of a new efficient, representative, functional and sustainable building was proposed and one of the two pre-existing villas was maintained. The new set proposes a dialogue between the historical school and a school of the future.

This new building is built on four levels: a basement that takes advantage of the unevenness between the garden and the street, intended as a playground and outside waiting area for parents and children, and three upper levels where all the classrooms are located. The roof of the building, which also serves as a playground, houses an end staircase house made of tongue-and-groove LUNAWOOD® slats.

A studied color and proportions game gives this beautiful building, aimed at children and young people, a fun, cheerful and modern. Natural and lightweight material for a sustainable building to achieve a heterogeneous style between past and present in the new building, the people in charge of the project opted for a natural material. It was also essential that it be sustainable. And in order not to burden the building with excess weight, they needed a lightweight material. The LUNAWOOD® heat-treated wood from Gabarró, with 400 kg / m³ and from ecologically managed forests, was the ideal solution for them and is present throughout the project: facades, walls, ceilings, floors and rails.
An envelope of vertical slats covers a large part of the perimeter of the building. The position, orientation and separation of the slats has been studied carefully to provide optimal solar protection, highly efficient at the environmental, thermal and durability levels.

The entire lower part of the building, the entrance, the covered patio and the walls are made with tongue-and-groove wood heat-treated LUNAWOOD® wood, as well as the side walls and floors of both terraces.
On the other hand, the rails of the terrace on the first floor and the railing of the upper terrace are made of thermotreated battens machined on 4 sides, with 4 blunt edges of radius 2.

LUNAWOOD® is a natural material without any type of chemical additive, modern, organic and aesthetically attractive. A material that offers constructive, sustainable and innovative solutions.

Thanks to a non-toxic thermal treatment, the natural tendency of the wood to bend, swell or shrink due to humidity is reduced by 50%. These properties make it an ideal material for outdoor use and offer high resistance to xylophages.

This process results in a much more stable and durable wood, able to balance the changes of heat and cold and does not need any maintenance. This point was highly valued, as this avoided periodic varnishes. Over time the wood will simply acquire a grayish hue, typical of oxidation, but will continue to maintain its durability intact.

All LUNAWOOD® products are natural and have the international PEFC® certification (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes), characteristics that turn them into sustainable woods and respectful with the environment.