Acabado ST40 melamina Egger

New Egger melamine finishes, discover them!


Now available in our stock: the latest collection of Egger melamine and laminates, featuring their innovative designs and finishes! Explore our wide selection of Egger melamine, with technical details and measurements available.

 Discover the new finishes in this article:

Wood melamine

ST40 melamine finish: The ST40 Feelwood Oakgrain finish highlights the natural character of the wood with a synchronized matte pore, which creates a totally realistic effect, as if it were a natural veneer. In this finish, you can find Casella Natural Oak H1367 melamine or Casella Natural Oak melamine H1385 ST40

Unicolor melamine

ST7 melamine finish: The new ST7 finish looks spectacular in the Classic White W960 melamine or Kaolin White W980 melamine designs since it is a neutral, wearable and quite matte finish. This new finish for white melamine replaces the ST2 finish.

Fantasy melamine

ST76 Melamine Finish: This finish, designed especially for stone and marble, enhances the rough appearance of these materials. Thanks to this new finish, melamines gain authenticity and texture, faithfully imitating natural materials. You can find as an example the Scivaro Slate melamine F235 ST76.

Perfect Sense Matt

 Melamines TM9 melamine finish: Within the scope of matte and velvety designs, the new TM9 finish stands out for Perfect Sense Matt melamine with a chipboard base. This finish is present in the Carbon Gray U968, Premium White W1000 or Onix Gray U960 designs, among others.

These finishes offer a wide variety of options to satisfy all tastes and design styles. From textured surfaces to matte finishes, our collection has something for everyone. Whether you're renovating your kitchen, redecorating your home, or working on a commercial project, our new Egger melamine finishes are the perfect choice.

If you are wondering where to buy Egger melamine, visit our warehouses and discover the quality and versatility that our products offer. We are committed to providing you with the best design and quality options with every purchase. Don't miss the opportunity to explore our new Egger melamine finishes and take your projects to the next level!