Melaminas Egger ideas de inspiración

Combination ideas for the new Egger melamines


The new Egger melamines and laminates are now available at Gabarró, with over 150 designs and 250 references in stock, featuring various thicknesses and supports. If you're seeking inspiration for your projects, we suggest some combinations of Egger melamine boards:

Sobriety and elegance with Perfect Sense Matt finishes

Introducing the Eucalyptus Natural H3041 TM12/ST12 melamine design. Its PerfectSense Omnipore Matt anti-fingerprint matte finish with synchronized pores offers a sophisticated and durable appearance, ideal for high-traffic commercial spaces. Pair it with the Red Garnet U399 PM/ST9 melamine for an attractive and modern contrast.

Naturalness and warmth in any environment

If you're looking for naturalness and warmth, consider green tones such as the Fiord Green U636 ST9 melamine or Opal Green U608 ST9 in combination with Egger's Oak Casella melamines. This combination will transform any space into a serene and cozy environment.

Ideal for retail environments, melamines with brushed finish

For projects in the retail sector, opt for Brushed Metal Gold F527 ST20 or Bronze Cobra F323 ST20 melamines. These brushed finishes will add a spectacular touch to hotels, restaurants, and shops. Combine them with solid-color melamines such as Classic White W960 or Black U999 for a striking visual effect.

3D strip effect for wall cladding

For wall cladding, our collection includes Deepline Wood Natural H1350 ST12 and Deepline Wood Brown H1352 melamines, featuring a 3D strip effect. These options are perfect for creating a modern and textured look in any space.

Contact us for more ideas and inspiration on Egger melamines, laminates, countertops, and compacts! Trust Gabarró, your reliable melamine supplier.