Melamina CLEAF S160 OKOBO

Do you know our CLEAF melamines?


At Gabarró we are always committed to incorporating the best products and solutions for our customers, which is why we have incorporated CLEAF melamines into stock, one of the main novelties of our new collection of Gamela melamine and laminates.

What is CLEAF?

Cleaf is one of the market's leading manufacturers of melamine, laminates and interior solutions. Based in Italy and with extensive international distribution, CLEAF stands out for its innovative designs and textures that inspire architects and industrialists around the world.

What are the distinctive elements of CLEAF melamines?

CLEAF melamines are perfect for a wide variety of applications in the wood industry. From furniture to interior coverings, these melamines add a touch of elegance and durability to any project. Available in a variety of finishes and colors, our CLEAF melamines are highly versatile and adapt to any design or style. One of the most impressive features of CLEAF melamines is their spectacular designs and finishes. Thanks to its advanced manufacturing technology and its expert research team, these melamines represent an evolution of the traditional concept. Here you can see their entire range of melamines.

Our range in stock

We offer our clients a collection of 26 designs in stock, all measuring 2800 x 2070 and coordinating edges. All melamines have a thickness of 18 mm but there are some designs that we have decided to also incorporate in a thickness of 10 mm. Our selected range offers some designs with surprising finishes such as the LS54 RIGA, S160 OKOBO, S192 JIOMETORI or FB45 MOSAICO designs.

If you are looking for a melamine that makes a difference, we are sure that CLEAF melamine boards will be a safe bet for your projects!