Proyecto con melamina Egger

5 reasons why you should buy Egger melamine in Gabarró


At Gabarró, we are proud to present our new 2024+ collection of Egger melamines and laminates, a carefully chosen selection to meet the demands of woodworking professionals, builders, and interior designers. With a focus on quality, design, and versatility, we have incorporated these innovative solutions into our stock to offer our customers an exceptional shopping experience. Here are 5 compelling reasons to choose Egger melamine at Gabarró:

The widest range of designs in stock

With over 170 melamine designs permanently in stock across our seven warehouses, we offer an unparalleled variety of options to satisfy all preferences and styles. From natural wood finishes to contemporary and avant-garde designs, our collection spans a wide range of tastes and needs in the industrial and design fields.

Comprehensive solution in melamine, laminates, and edging

At Gabarró, we aim to be your comprehensive supplier and offer you all the necessary solutions for your projects. That's why all our Egger melamines in stock come with coordinated edging. Additionally, we also offer the corresponding laminate in stock for each melamine. This way, all your projects in furniture, kitchens, wall coverings, etc., can start right away.

The most agile service to any point on the peninsula

Thanks to our 7 strategically located wood warehouses on the Peninsula, we can offer agile and efficient logistic service to any point. From our central wood warehouse in Polinyà, we supply our wood warehouses in Vitoria, Fuenlabrada, Benifaió, Santiago, and Málaga, covering key areas in the north, center, east, and south of Spain, respectively. These strategically distributed warehouses allow us to optimize the delivery of our products to our industrial customers across the country, ensuring fast response times and constant material availability.

Your finished products with our cutting and machining service

Whatever your project with Egger melamines and laminates, at Gabarró, we offer you the most precise and efficient solutions for it. With our advanced cutting and machining service, we can deliver any melamine finished with the size or shape you need thanks to our cutting, edging, laminating, and CNC machinery.

Experience and trust

We have an expert professional team with decades of experience in the wood industry who can advise you on the best products for your projects. We are not only your trusted wood supplier but also your ally to make your projects succeed, guaranteeing excellent results every step of the way.

At Gabarró, we are committed to providing the best solutions in Egger melamines and laminates, backed by our experience, quality, and commitment to excellence.

Visit one of our warehouses today and discover the quality and variety of our Egger melamine collection!