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FAQS about our website


We have launched a new website! This new website, with a much cleaner, more functional and intuitive aesthetic, aims to satisfy the needs that you have expressed to us over the years. In addition, we have added some additional functionality that can facilitate the entire process of searching for products and making quotes and orders.

Here you have the answer to your main questions:


How can I search for a product on the web?

If you want to know if we have a specific product in stock, you can enter the relevant search terms in the product search. For example: "Melamine", "Plywood", "Slated laminate", "Laminate flooring", etc. or also through the product tree. Additionally, when you are within the family of products that interest you, you can apply size and price filters to further narrow the search.

Where can I consult and download your environmental certifications?

We have PEFC and FSC® certifications, you can consult and download all the information about it at this link

I want to be a Gabarró customer, how do I do it?

To be Gabarró client, you must fill out the details in the contact form at this link, specifying your province. The Gabarró staff will attend to your registration request. We remember that our sale is exclusive to professionals.

How can I register as an online customer?

To register as an online customer, you must first be a Gabarró customer. If you are already Gabarró customers, you must enter your data in the form that appears in this link. If the data entered is correct, an email will automatically be sent to you to validate your registration and enter the password you want.



What actions can I carry out in my area for professionals?

Once you access your area for professionals, you will be able to check up-to-date prices, make quotes and orders. Additionally, if you make recurring purchases, you can duplicate any order you have placed by accessing the "My Orders" section, selecting the order you are interested in and clicking on the "Repeat Order" button.

What information can I consult in my area for professionals?

In your professional area you can consult and download in Excel all the information on the budgets and orders that you have entered through the web. In addition, you can also consult and download in PDF all the delivery notes and invoices from the last 2 years. Within your professional area you can also see form 347 with the billing information for the last year.

How do I make a quote or order?

1. First of all, you must look for the product that interests you, for example, a Standard Chipboard. Once you access the product, if you scroll all the way down you will see a grid with information on the different items that we have in terms of measurements. 

2. When you are clear about which one you need, you must add the units in the indicated field and check the selection box. 

3. Once the box is checked, click the "Add to Cart" button. In the shopping cart, check that all the item information is correct. By default, your order will be sent to your usual delivery address, but you can come pick it up by checking the option available under "Shipping and billing address". 

4. Click on the calculate discounts button Once the discounts have been calculated, the website will offer you two options: Validate quote or validate order. Select the option you want and enter the necessary information 

5. Click the finish button. You will receive a copy of the quote or order by e-mail. If it is an order, our staff will check that everything is correct and it will be served to you on the usual delivery days in your area. If there were any problems, we would inform you immediately.

What do the green or orange balls that appear when I am inside a product mean?

When you are browsing within a product, you will see a green or orange ball appear in the item information grid. The green ball indicates that it is a regular stock item. The orange ball indicates that it is an item that is not found either in the headquarters or in your reference warehouse. If you decide to buy it, transportation costs will be calculated to take it to your branch.