Discover the new range of laminate flooring Medfloorline CONSTRUCT


Discover the new range of Medfloorline Construct laminate floors, designed for those clients who have in their hands the realization of large projects in residential areas, hotels, restaurants, etc.


The Construct range of laminate floors stands out for its 6 designs inspired by natural oak wood, being a versatile range to install in any space. Here you can see all the available designs.

In addition, all laminate floors have 24-hour moisture resistance, a crucial technical characteristic to guarantee the durability and good condition of the floor during daily use.

Each design in the range has the following technical characteristics:

  • Synchronized pore finish: This finish provides a texture that faithfully imitates the grain of wood, as well as its feel. 
  • Use class 33: A guarantee for installation in areas with high human traffic. 
  • 4 Bevels: The 4 beveled edges add depth and definition, creating a sophisticated and elegant look. 
  • L2C click installation system: This system facilitates installation both horizontally and dropwise. This system allows for a clean installation, without height differences between slats and great dimensional stability.


This new range of laminate flooring is specially designed for builders and developers looking for a product at a very competitive price and that offers great technical and aesthetic features; an ideal choice for projects that require a resistant and high quality floor.

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your projects with the best laminate flooring on the market, only available at Gabarró!