Okume / Okumen

Scientific name: Aucoumea klaineana

Other names: English: Okume, Okumen

Geographic origin: Central Africa


&;8226; Sapwood colour: greyish white.
&;8226; Heartwood colour: salmon-pink.
&;8226; Fiber: Straight, intertwined or slightly wavy.
&;8226; It can cause asma.

Okume / Okumen


&;8226; Decorative panels.
&;8226; Plywood boards
&;8226; Interior Carpentry
&;8226; Furniture and carpentry work.
&;8226; Sailing boats

Capacity of being impregnated

&;8226; Heartwood: Low capacity of being impregnated


&;8226; Sawing process:difficulties arise from risk of repelling
&;8226; Nailing and screwing process: No difficulties.
&;8226; Finish: previous wood filling treatment

Physical properties

&;8226; Apparent density at 12% humidity 440 kg/m3 light wood
&;8226; Dimensional stability
- Volumetric contraction coefficient 12%. Lightly nervous wood
&;8226; Hardness (Chaláis-Meudon) 1.5 varies from soft to very soft wood.

Okume / Okumen

Mechanical properties

&;8226; Resiostencia a flexión estática 700 kg/cm2
&;8226; Elasticity module 77,500 kg/cm2
&;8226; Resistance to parallel compression 380 kg/cm2
&;8226; Resistance to parallel traction 89 kg/cm2

Okume / Okumen


The laminate Okumen is largely used in Europe on windows carpentry.