• Scientific name: Tilia cordata Mill. Syn- T. parviflora ehrh; Tillia Europeea L; Tilia plattyohyllos Scop, Tilia spp; Tilia americana.
  • English: Small-leaved Lime, occasionally Small-leaved Linden
  • Europe.


&;8226; Sapwood and heartwood: yellowish white getting light brown shades with the passing of time.
&;8226; Fiber: straight.


&;8226; Furniture and carpentry work.
&;8226; Carving and shaping.
&;8226; Cotton reel.
&;8226; Handrail.
&;8226; Shoe trees.

Capacity of being impregnated

&;8226; Sapwood: capable of being impregnated.
&;8226; Heartwood: no capable of being impregnated.


&;8226; Sawing process: no difficulties.
&;8226; Drying process: no difficulties.
&;8226; Planing process: no difficulties.
&;8226; Gluing process: no difficulties.
&;8226; Nailing and screwing process: no difficulties.
&;8226; Finish: no difficulties.

Physical properties

&;8226; Semi-heavy wood.
&;8226; Slightly nervous wood.
&;8226; Very soft wood.

Those are some of the available products in this wood