Scientific name: Mezilaurus Itauba Taub. Syn - Silvia navalium Fr All

Other names: Spanish: itauba, Tapinhoa

Geographic origin: South America (Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname)


• Sapwood: White beige.
• Heartwood: Beige yellow to dark brown shiny.
• Fiber: Straight, often intertwined.
• Grain: Fine.


• Sawing: Easy, the saws are paraded very quickly and recommended to use the stylus.
• Drying: Slow, ease strain and high risk of Fender, and foundations.
• Bonding: No problem but only recommended for indoor applications.
• Nailing and screwing: Because of its hardness, it should make pre trepanation.
• Finish: No problem.

Physical properties

• Bulk density at 12% moisture wood weighing 860 kg/m3
• Dimensional stability
- 0.35% volume contraction coefficient wooden stable.
- 1.45% Ratio of contractions without tendency to deform to
• Hardness (Chalais-Meudon) 6,5 hardwood

Mechanical properties

• Resistance to static bending 1240 kg/cm2
• Modulus of elasticity 162 000 kg/cm2
• Compressive strength 620 kg/cm2