European Poplar

Scientific name:
Geographic origin:
<br />Europe, in the south, in the center and in the east.<br />

• Albura: pale yellow or yellow-white
• Duramen: pale yellow or yellow white
• Fiber: Straight
• Fine-grained
• Characteristic defects:

Chopo europeo
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Capacity of being impregnated

• Albura: Impregnable
• Duramen: Slightly impregnable

Mechanical properties

• Resistance to static bending 54-76-86,50 N / mm2
• Elastic modulus 8100-9600 N / mm2
peuplier européen


• Sawing: Easy
• Drying: Easy, but with care in the natural drying
• Brushing and other operations: No problem with very sharp tools.
• Glue: No problem.
• Nailing and Screwing: Easy
• Finish: Easy

Physical properties

• Density: 420-440-480 kg / m3
• Dimensional stability
- Coefficient of volumetric shrinkage 14.3%
• Hardness (Chaláis-Meudon) 2.6 soft wood


European Poplar