American Elm

Scientific name:
Ulmus minor sarniensis
Geographic origin:
East Canada, Mid West United States
  • Sapwood: Greyish white
  • Heartwood: Light brown
  • Fibre: Straight sometimes intertwined. Reddish streaks
  • Grain: Medium
  • Characteristic defects: Tendency to bend
Olmo Americano
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Capacity of being impregnated
  • Heartwood: Impregnable medium considered not resistant to fungi
Mechanical properties
  • Static flexural strength 1,100 kg / cm2
  • Modulus of elasticity 108,750 kg / cm2
  • Compressive strength 550 kg / cm2
  • Parallel tensile strength 680 kg / cm2
  • Sawn: Easy
  • Drying: "chafing" can occur
  • Brushing: Difficult
  • Gluing: Very good
  • Nailed and screwed: Good
  • Finish: Very good
Physical properties
  • Apparent density at 12% humidity 530 kg / m3 semi-heavy wood
  • Dimensional stability
  • - Contraction coefficient: moderately nervous
  • Hardness (Chaláis-Meudon) 5.4 semi-hard wood