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We launch the new Medfloor 2019-2020 collection

We already have in stock the new Medfloor collection, our own brand of multilayer wood flooring. In this new collection, customers will find 3 different product lines: Medfloor Home, Medfloor Old and Medfloor Raw, with all the guarantee and commitment of quality associated to the brand. In addition, the collection is complemented with few Karelia references.

Our wooden pallets have a marked Mediterranean character thanks to the warm and natural tones of their designs, chosen after an exhaustive study of market trends and consumer interests. Therefore, they are specially designed for the most demanding professionals and clients.

The Old collection is the most daring, since all its designs have rustic features conferred by the presence of knots and the contrast of veins of the wood with brushed finishes. All the references have a CD Oak quality, union with click, repaired knots and knots, tinted and matt varnish.

The Home collection is the most classic, as we select the cleanest pieces of oak and combine them with brushed, tinted or natural finishes, creating a harmonious and smooth line thanks to its smooth surface and with few color variations. The client will find 5 references of oak and 1 of Jatoba.

The Raw collection is the most versatile, since it is a multilayer platform of raw oak and unvarnished, with which each client can customize according to their tastes and needs.

Finally, we selected 3 references (2 of natural oak and 1 of Merbau) of the Finnish brand Karelia of the Kährs Group, with which to achieve a neutral and warm space at the same time, suitable to create a unique style.

All references are in permanent stock and have related accessories.

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