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Noticia 121531

¡Nuevo proyecto! Luna Triple de Lunawood en Galicia


We present one of the latest projects carried out with our Luna Triple tongue and groove from the Lunawood heat-treated wood brand. This tongue-and-groove offers a really attractive effect both in interior and exterior cladding, as in the case of this cladding for a house in Oleiros (Galicia).

The project, carried out by the Seara Peleteiro Arquitectos studio, has covered the 4 winds of this house. As it is a product with great dimensional stability and a category 2 resistance class against rotting fungi, it is highly recommended for applications in both Mediterranean and Atlantic climates, with more rain and humidity. In addition, it does not secrete any type of resins.

Lunawood heat-treated wood is carefully selected and subjected to a heat treatment with steam and water that respects the natural properties of the wood, but which gives it greater durability and beauty and improves its performance, expanding the range of possible purposes for that is suitable: cladding, saunas, urban furniture, solar protection lattices or platforms. All Lunawood products are PEFC certified, which guarantees their origin from ecologically and sustainably managed Nordic forests.

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