New product in stock: Transparent rigid polystyrene

Gabarró expands its products range with the incorporation of a plastic glass: transparent rigid polystyrene. It is one of the most widely used plastic products in the world and with a great boom in its use, especially for protection screens.

Polystyrene (PS) is manufactured by spinning or polymerizing styrene, a chemical that once transformed, ends up being a solid, rigid and transparent product.

Its technical characteristics include its high resistance to both impact and tension, its ease of cutting and machining, and the possibility of being polished in the event of any scratches. In addition, its use is suitable for being in contact with food.

As for the applications, its use as a protection screen in business diversity stands out, since it is a product that can be easily cleaned (soap and water). It can also be used in DIY, signage, partitions, etc. although preferably in indoor installations.