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New Adore 2022-2024 vinyl/SPC flooring collection


We are pleased to present the new Adore 2022-2024 vinyl/SPC flooring collection. This new collection adapts to the new market trends that demand a vinyl floor that is highly resistant, stable and has water repellent and fireproof properties. The Adore collection is a safe bet for demanding spaces such as hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, offices and also for domestic use.
All the references and designs are manufactured taking into account the highest standards of quality, innovation and performance in any type of installation, including bathrooms, kitchens, changing rooms, etc. This new collection is divided into three different ranges: Adore SOVEREIGN, Adore ROYAL and Adore MONARCH.



The Adore Sovereign range is the best choice for highly demanding spaces, as it has a lacquered layer that prevents scratches. Its larger plank format than the rest of the ranges (1520 x 228 x 6.5 mm) and its thicker wear layer (0.7 mm) make it a more comfortable floor to walk on and more spectacular when installed in any room. The Sovereign range is made up of 8 designs that simulate natural oak wood, 3 of which are new compared to the old collection.



The new Adore Royal range is an evolution of the traditional Monarch range, as its designs have synchronised pore to give them a more wood-like appearance. This new range is made up of 5 designs, 4 of which are in a standard format of 1220 x 181 x 5 mm and the other reference is in tile format (305 x 610 x 5 mm), ideal for installation in kitchens and bathrooms. All references are micro-bevelled on all 4 sides, which brings naturalness to any place where it is installed.



Adore Monarch is the vinyl flooring range with the longest history in the market and highly demanded by our customers. Its 1220 x 181 x 5 mm planks can be installed in interior areas in both domestic and commercial environments, including wet areas. In addition, the micro-bevelled finish on all 4 sides adds a touch of authenticity to any space. For this Adore collection, the 4 most popular designs from the old collection have been retained.


This is the presentation of the three ranges of the Adore 2022-2024 vinyl/SPC flooring collection. If you want to consult all the information regarding the different ranges, you can find it in the catalogue together with the images of the different designs that make up the collection.