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The more than a thousand uses of Iroko wood


Iroko wood is a wood from Africa and has an enormous similarity with Teak wood, hence it is known as African Teak. However, it is somewhat lighter and less greasy.


Iroko wood properties

Iroko wood is a semi-heavy wood, with a density of 650 kg/m3, and semi-hard, highly resistant to mold and insects. The grain is a straight grain, often slightly interlocked, and with a medium to coarse grain. It is a very stable wood once it has dried, with no tendency to warp.


Why is the color of iroko wood characteristic?

Iroko wood varies greatly in color, even in wood from the same tree. It also varies depending on the wood: if it is the sapwood, it has a very light hue, while the heartwood is similar to gold. Now, with exposure to the sun, these colors change and darken: the heartwood turns reddish-brown in sunlight.


What is Iroko wood used for?

Iroko wood has many uses, but among the applications or uses of this wood, the manufacture of iroko decking for exteriors stands out, since it is a very good wood for exterior applications due to its natural resistance and durability, great resistance to fungi, insects and other agents of wood degradation. It is a wood with great hardness, durability and stability.

Iroko wood is a very versatile wood, since it is very workable, so it has a multitude of uses: interior carpentry, iroko doors, stairs, cladding, moldings, skirting boards, friezes, manufacturing windows, decorative veneers...