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Do you know our extensive range of laminated wood?


In Gabarró we are specialists in the distribution of laminated wood and we have in stock a wide variety of products such as battens and laminated wood beams.

One of the most used products for the manufacture of furniture, especially in envelopes and table tops, are slats, manufactured by joining different slats together with glue, without sacrificing aesthetics or resistance. We have in stock laminated boards of spruce wood, pine wood clean of knots and also iroko wood, white beech, steamed beech and oak. In addition, we adapt to the needs of our customers and offer top quality A/B and also lower quality A/C listings

To see the practical applications and to be able to take inspiration from laminated wood countertops, here are some of our latest projects, our customers have used our products for their installations and work. Even so, one of the most interesting projects in which laminated wood has been used has been in this camperization of a van. The promoters of the initiative opted for quality A/B oak slatted boards for the kitchen counter, which is fully integrated into the vehicle. This listing confirmed a very attractive and original rustic look!

We also make available to specialists in the sector a wide range of laminated beams, both for interior and exterior use.