Comparison between technological decking and wooden decking

Nowadays, wooden decking for outdoor use has become one of the most widely used materials in patios and gardens, both public and private. It is important to know the different characteristics offered by natural wood decking and technological decking in order to know which one is best suited to our project depending on the use and exposure to external elements.

First of all, it is important to know the composition of the material in order to better understand the advantages offered by each type of decking. Starting with wooden decking, it is a product made of 100% solid wood, mechanised in slat format to achieve ergonomic shapes that facilitate the installation process and make it easier for people to walk on it. The most commonly used wood species for the manufacture of decking are tropical wood or heat-treated pine wood such as Lunawood's.

On the other hand, technological or WPC decking such as Timbertech or Urban Deck is an artificial product manufactured by injection, composed of wood and organic derivatives together with different polymers in a proportion of 70%/30% respectively. As it is a synthetic product, the customisation in its shades and designs is much greater than in natural wood decking.

In technical terms, the properties of the different types of decking are very different, as technological decking offers much better performance in aspects such as solidity, persistence, durability and the low level of maintenance they require. On the other hand, natural wood decking offers a more natural level of design and detail that is visually much more appealing. They can also be repaired by polishing and applying a protector, whereas engineered wood flooring cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Taking into account all of the above, we must recognise that the technological floorboards perform better than solid natural wood floorboards, although the prestige and quality of natural wood always gives an added value. Knowing all this, what type of decking will you use for your next project?

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