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The artist Jose Pablo Arriaga creates these works with Franke Solid Surface


Franke Solid Surface is a state-of-the-art material with which to create impossible designs, proof of this are these works created by the artist and sculptor Jose Pablo Arriaga for the Berazadi Hotel in Zarauz.

The Basque designer has opted for our Blanco Cándido FSS-101 acrylic stone reference to create these creative shapes for the headboard of the bed and other decorative details that undoubtedly evoke the sea. As stated on his website, "although each collection highlights a particular experience, all his experiences have shaped a general philosophy that constitutes the common thread of his artistic work: The dynamic element of hope that throbs in each one of his pieces.

Franke Solid Surface products have a great projection in both interior and exterior design, since their wide range of colors and textures allow unlimited shapes to be created and give free rein to the imagination of designers, decorators and architects to create functional environments. and in great style.

We are delighted with this project!