Melamina Egger H1367 ST40

Egger melamine boards, now in stock!


We already have the new Egger melamine collection in stock, launched by the manufacturer in February 2024. 

This new collection represents a notable evolution in terms of designs and textures compared to recent years, incorporating some spectacular designs that, Without a doubt, they will be reference designs in the field of interior design, furniture manufacturing, kitchens and more. In this new collection of melamine, laminates, compacts and countertops we have continued to rely on Egger as our reference melamine supplier, incorporating 170 wooden designs, white, unicolor or fantasy designs in stock. 

Among the wooden designs in the catalogue, some of Egger's main new products stand out, such as the Casella Oak Natural H1385 ST40 melamine or the Casella White Oak melamine H1384 ST40, designs that, we are sure, will become favorites of our customers. customers. 

As for the unicolor designs, we have decided to incorporate the white melamine Blanco Clásico W960 ST7 to replace the white melamine Blanco Craie W908 ST2, the white melamine Caolin White W980 ST7 and the white melamine Blanco Cristal W990 ST9.

Within our next Gamela collection that will be launched in April 2024, we have included more options in Egger countertops, expanding the portfolio of countertops with a chipboard base and incorporating 3 designs of compact countertops in stock. 

If you want to know prices for all the melamines, laminates, edges and countertops in stock, remember that you can register in the professional area of ​​our website.