Compacto Egger Blanco Premium W1000 ST9
Compacto Egger Blanco Premium W1000 ST9

Compact Egger Blanco Premium W1000 ST9

Compact boards for interior use are robust and versatile sheets manufactured by compressing layers of paper impregnated with thermosetting resins.

They are commonly used in the manufacture of countertops and work surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their durability and easy maintenance. They are also ideal for furniture in highly demanding environments, such as laboratories, hospitals and commercial spaces, where a combination of resistance and aesthetics is sought.

This EGGER compact offers high impact, water and chemical resistance, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

- They have an antibacterial surface according to ISO 22196 (=JIS Z 2801).


Code Sort descending Description Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
5014111 COMPACTO W1000 ST9 EG NEGR 2790 2060 12 2790 2060 12.00

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