Tablero HONEXT
Tablero HONEXT
Tablero HONEXT


HONEXT® is an innovative board of fibre supra-recycled, manufactured from the recycling of waste of cellulose like paper or cardboard. In this no toxic and free process of resins, the waste of fibre of cellulose reinforce and protect  the links between them.   Characteristics   Format 2440 x 1220 x 12 mm
Certification Cradle to Cradle Gold and Material Health Gold
No toxic, without broadcasts of volatile organic compounds
Good properties of acoustic absorption
Reaction to the fire C-s1, d0 and B-s1, d0. 
Light (density of 540 kg/m3)   Applications
Revestimiento of False
walls ceilings
Equipment for Retail
light Applications
Sector Contract Stands
Code Description Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
19429 TABLERO HONEXT CS1D0 1220 2440 12 1220 2440 12.00
20734 TABLERO HONEXT BS1D0 1220 2440 12 1220 2440 12.00

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