Alistonados Iroko Listón 40/42 mm

Strip boards Iroko Strip 40/42 mm

Glued-glued boards are wood panels made up of long, thin sheets glued together in a parallel orientation, giving them strength and durability.

These boards are created by combining high-quality wood slats, optimizing material utilization and minimizing waste.

Due to its strength and stability, glue-glued boards are widely used in the construction of furniture, cabinets, shelves and structural elements. Their versatility, combined with their attractive and sustainable appearance, makes them a popular choice for woodworking and design projects, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

This iroko slat is a great option for interior carpentry projects.

- Board made up of wooden slats joined together along the length (finger joint) and glued across the width.

Code Description Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
3089709 ALISTONADO IROKO A/B MON 42 JUNTA SLATWOOD 3300 1220 19 3300 1220 19.00

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