Embero C/V -K.D.
Embero C/V -K.D.
Embero C/V -K.D.

Embero C/V - K.D.

Embero wood, derived from the Amburana cearensis tree in South America, is appreciated for its beauty and unique properties. Ranging in tones from pale yellow to dark brown, this wood features an attractive and distinctive grain. Its advantages include natural resistance to moisture and insects, making it ideal for outdoor and maritime applications. Embero wood is known for its sweet fragrance and its ability to repel insects. It's a popular choice in woodworking and construction, especially in humid climates.


Before carry out your order it is necessary to verify by phone that the length you need is available in stock.
Code Sort descending Description Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
80028 EMBERO FAS C/V KD 52 0 1 52.00 Until end of stock
80044 EMBERO FAS C/V KD 76 0 1 76.00 Until end of stock

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