Red Cedar

Red cedar is a valuable wood appreciated for its beauty and durability. Derived from Western red cedar trees, this wood has a distinctive reddish tone and a pleasant aroma. Its advantages include natural resistance to insects and decay, making it a popular choice for outdoor and construction applications. Moreover, red cedar is easy to work with, allowing for intricate and elegant woodworking and joinery. This wood is also known for its dimensional stability, making it ideal for high-quality cladding and furniture.


  • Apparent density at 12% humidity 370 kg/m3 light wood.
  • Dimensional stability
  • - Volumetric contraction coefficient 0.32 % highly stable wood.
  • - Relation between contractions 2.5% high tendency to deformity.
  • Hardness (Chaláis-Meudon) 1.3 softwood.

Before carry out your order it is necessary to verify by phone that the length you need is available in stock.

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67066 CEDRO ROJO AMERICANO 1A C/V KD 105 <3900 0 0 105