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Castaño C/V - K.D.
Castaño C/V - K.D.

Chestnut Drying kiln

Chestnut wood, derived from the Castanea tree genus, is prized for its durability and warm tones. This wood presents a distinctive appearance with its light brown color and attractive grain. Its advantages include natural resistance to moisture and decay, making it ideal for outdoor applications like cladding and garden furniture. Moreover, chestnut is easy to work with and can achieve a polished finish. With its ability to age gracefully and contribute to a rustic style, chestnut is a popular choice in carpentry and interior design.



  • Apparent density to 12% of humidity 590 kg/m3 wood semi light
  • Dimensional stability
  • - Coefficient of volumetric contraction 0,39 % stable wood
  • - Relation between contractions 1,54% without tendency to deform
  • Hardness (Chaláis-Meudon) 2,5 wood semi soft


  • Profiles
  • Outdoor deecking
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