Zebrano veneer for a luxury villa

Proyecto 76411

The choice of the veneered board with natural Zebrano veneer from the Gadi brand for the decoration of this luxurious villa in Malaga has been an indisputable success. Zebrano wood, with its distinctive grain and warm tones, has added a touch of elegance and sophistication to every space. From the kitchen to the skirting boards and door frames, the presence of the Zebrano stands out, creating an atmosphere of luxury and distinction throughout the villa.

In the kitchen, furniture covered with Zebrano board becomes centerpieces that attract everyone's attention, combining functionality and beauty impeccably. Skirting boards, normally overlooked in decoration, become design elements thanks to the natural and elegant finish of Zebrano wood. Door frames, once simply functional, now become decorative details that add a touch of refinement to each room.

Even in entertainment spaces such as the TV area, the Zebrano finds its place as a modern and eye-catching decorative element. Integrated into a specially designed piece of furniture, Zebrano wood adds a touch of warmth and contemporary style, turning the space into a visually stunning focal point.

The Gadi brand, backed by the experience and excellence of Gabarró, has stood out once again by providing veneered boards with natural veneer of the highest quality. Each piece of wood is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and continuity of the veneer, ensuring that the natural beauty of the wood is preserved and highlighted in every application. With an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Gadi continues to be a leader in providing premium wood materials for luxury decorating projects.