Residential flooring with the Raw collection by Medfloor

Proyecto 121136

This project is created with Medfloor Raw Natural Oak Raw wood flooring placed in the main living room of a house in the Basque Country. The Medfloor decking line offers a wide variety of finishes, but specifically, the Raw collection becomes the ideal material to create unique floors to customize and finish as the end customer wishes. Raw oak wood comes unvarnished and is ready to be customised according to the tastes and priorities of each client. By applying different treatments and varnishes, the desired colour can be achieved until unique and incredible results are obtained.

In this project, the wood flooring has been given a warm and natural finish with a marked Mediterranean character that evokes the light and colour of our lands. The combination of warm tones with the rest of the elements present in the living room, make this room of the house an ideal place where to relax and settle in.

Medfloor is one of the most recognized brands in wood flooring, created by Gabarró and with three different collections Home, Raw and Old that offer different types of parquet and finishes. They are produced with exclusivity and distinction, taking into account the needs of the professional and the aesthetic trends in decoration. In addition, all of this is complemented by an unbeatable service, as the entire range is in permanent stock. Discover the collections within the Medfloor wood decking line.