Medfloor Raw, the successful floor for housing

Proyecto 76391
Another project with Medfloor Raw, our multilayer raw oak flooring! In this case, the customer who has chosen to choose this product has been Tarimas Vega Baja, which has decided to install it in a private home.

We are delighted with the success that this collection is having. It is able to be customizable and adaptable to the liking of the end customer, so it is a very decorative and versatile option. It is a floor without any varnish and with knots and nodes repaired, which can be treated or finished depending on what is required.

Unlike the Medfloor Home and Medfloor Old collections, this floor does not have any brushing or tinting, although it does have micro-beveled edges.

As we see in this project in Madrid and in this project in Barcelona, ​​it is a floor with a lot of strength and identity, which combines both with a modern style and with a more classic style.