Lunawood, an ideal wood for public equipments

Proyecto 76463

The choice of Lunawood SHP thermo-D heat-treated wood slats and UTV thermo-D tongue-and-groove slats to cover the social center in Carballo (Galicia) marks a milestone in the combination of quality and sustainability in construction. With more than 700 linear meters installed on the façade, this project stands out for its commitment to high-performance and environmentally friendly materials.

The trust placed in Carpintería Alcaber to carry out the installation is a testimony to the excellence and experience of this company in handling cutting-edge materials.

Lunawood heat-treated wood is recognized for its versatility and durability, making it an optimal choice for public spaces such as civic centers and playgrounds. Its exceptional resistance to weathering and its heat-treatment process without chemical additives guarantee a high-quality final product, free of resins and with PEFC certification, which supports its sustainable origin.

This project not only highlights the beauty and functionality of Lunawood heat-treated wood, but also promotes responsible construction practices conscious of environmental impact, setting a precedent in the construction industry.