Proyecto 124500
Proyecto 124500 secundaria

We present you an elegant and modern kitchen where our client Carpinteria Regueira has opted for manufacturing with a strong and durable material, the Polyrey Compact HPL countertop. This product has a wide range of finishes and thicknesses, with a format designed to optimize the product itself when machining and thus be able to waste the minimum amount of material.

Format for countertops:

  • Format : 3050 x 640mm
  • Thickness : 12.5mm
Whole panel format for different surfaces and applications:
  • Format : 3070x1320mm
  • Thickness : 6-8-10-12.5mm
This project has been manufactured with the M134 Reysitop finish, a compact HPL 12.5 mm thick and extremely resistant. A product that imitates marble, managing to give the space a very modern style. If you are interested in seeing the wide variety of finishes, do not hesitate to visit our website and choose the style that you like best.