Door made of Iroko wood

Proyecto 76587

Gabarró's choice of materials for the manufacture of this beautiful Iroko wooden door for a private home stands out for several significant reasons.

Iroko KD wood, from Africa, is highly recommended for exterior applications due to its durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. This tropical wood is in an ideal balance between semi-heavy and semi-hard, which makes it easy to work with both sawing and nailing or screwing, facilitating the manufacturing process and guaranteeing a robust and durable construction.

In addition to its practical qualities, the Iroko KD is aesthetically attractive, with an initial yellowish brown color that acquires reddish brown tones under light, adding warmth and character to the door and complementing the aesthetics of the home.

The collaboration with Carpintería Solorzano, our client, ensured the expert realization of this door, highlighting the craftsmanship and care in every detail of the manufacturing process.

In summary, the combination of Iroko KD wood and the experience of Carpintería Solorzano guaranteed the creation of a door of high quality and beauty to enhance the entrance of this private home.