Adore Regent, the ideal vinyl floor for your bathroom or kitchen

Proyecto 76335

The Adore Regent range of vinyl floors, recognized for its quality and style, manufactured by Adore and exclusively distributed by Gabarró, has been the perfect choice for this bathroom, combining functionality and beauty in its design.

These floors are highly resistant to moisture and maintain excellent dimensional stability against changes in temperature, making them an ideal option for bathroom and kitchen areas in homes. In addition, its durability is highlighted by its resistance to scratches and impacts, ensuring a long-lasting floor.

Installation is made easier thanks to the innovative 5G click system, known for its ease, resistance and effectiveness, ensuring a hassle-free process and satisfactory results.

In this specific project, the vinyl floor reference ADORE ROBLE BRUSSELS AR6880 has been used, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to the bathroom space.