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Which wood can be used in outdoor projects?


If you are looking for garden wood for your projects, at Gabarró we offer you a wide variety of wood species, products and formats for your outdoor installations.

Among the treated wood options for exteriors we find Lunawood heat-treated wood and Autoclave-treated Flanders Pine wood, here we tell you all the details:

Lunawood Thermowood

Lunawood heat-treated wood is subjected to a steam and heat heat-treatment process that improves its technical performance outdoors without sacrificing its aesthetics, which is enhanced in beautiful brown tones. Heat treatment increases the quality of the product with a long service life and characteristics, color and appearance that make it similar to tropical wood. Heat treatment also creates other good qualities such as increased resistance to moisture, durability, lightness, insulation and low cost.

In this sense, Lunawood heat-treated wood is perfect for conditioning any interior or exterior room, be it at the level of wall cladding, decorative elements such as sun protection lattices or also at the level of wooden floors for the garden.

Red Wood
The Flanders Pine is one of the most widespread woods within the industrial field since it can be used for a multitude of uses. We currently have various qualities in stock, to choose from depending on the type of project and if it is a wood that is going to be seen.

In Gabarró we have Pino Flandes CC, Flanders V and VI, as well as Flanders Scantling. The difference between all these typologies is the quality of the wood, which ranges from the top classification to the lower classifications. The main uses of the upper class woods are carpentry and joinery while the lower grades are used for auxiliary construction elements.

As for the use of wood for exteriors, it is common for Flanders pine wood to be used as window profiles and pre-frames or blinds. Even so, it can also be used in gardens in the format of pergolas and slats, to give it a natural and authentic touch in outdoor spaces.

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