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New housing model with Lunawood


Sergio Baragaño proposes a new model of manufacturing homes, in an industrialized way, with high quality standards and short delivery times.

The houses are produced entirely in the factory so the times and the processes that intervene in the work are controlled, and then the houses are transported to the place where they will be installed.

The house bh box is the smallest in the b home catalog, a versatile space of 39 m2 and 99 m3, which can work as a workplace, residence or both combined. It consists of two volumes and has the possibility of a walkable roof, in addition to the option to grow in the future, like the other models.

For this project he has opted for Lunawood heat-treated wood to cover the facade and the false ceilings inside. Lunawood is a material that provides great warmth as a point of contrast with the industrial finishes of the home, in addition that allows to appreciate the aging of the wood.

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