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TimberTech was introduced for the first time in the composite cover market in 1997, when it launched its innovative system that mixes wood with polymers.

Over the next few years, TimbertTech's innovations progressed from the first tongue-and-groove boards for roofs to roof boards with innovative designs and measurements. In that same year, its stock of colors was expanded, thus establishing one of the pillars of the company: innovation and the constant commitment to design.

In 2002 TimberTech introduced a system of ornamental railings as a complement to the roofs; It was the first composite railings kit.

In the year 2011, composite coated wood roofs that reinvented the market were introduced. These covers included the first 30-year warranty for stains and wear. Since then, they are still the favorites of contractors and homeowners who enjoy their durable appearance and long life.

Today, the TimberTech brand is synonymous with quality. It is a brand recognized worldwide as the pioneer in roofing systems, and continues to raise the standard of these products.

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