LUNAWOOD is a Finnish company founded 20 years ago with an innovative production process in the market: heat-treated wood. Thermowood subjects the wood to a combined cycle where high temperatures and different degrees of humidity alternate. This intensive heat treatment transforms the structure and properties of the wood. The natural tendency of wood to warp, swell or shrink under different humidity conditions is reduced by at least 50%. The result is that Lunawood is much more stable than regular wood.

The heat treatment increases the quality of the product with a long service life and characteristics, color and appearance that make it similar to tropical woods. Heat treatment also creates other good qualities such as increased resistance to moisture, durability, lightness, insulation and low cost.

As the possibilities of using Lunawood are endless, at Gabarró we have a wide range of exterior and interior coatings, slats, window profiles, wooden flooring and tongue-and-groove so that our clients can get the most out of this type of product. Discover our range of heat-treated wood from the Lunawood brand.