Garnica Plywood


The Garnica Plywood group has its origins in a family sawmill that emerged in 1940 in Baños de Río Tobia (La Rioja). In 1973 the company founded “Maderas Garnica” and opened a factory in this town for the production of plywood.

In the 1980's Garnica started to export plywood to some countries: the high quality of the plywood was very well received at several European industrial companies that used this material for the caravan industry, boats or furniture, among others applications..

The most important growth for the group occurred when a new mill, placed in Fuenmayor, was brought into operation in 1995. One year later, a peeeling operation was set up in Valencia de Don Juan (León).

In October 2003 the central offices of the group were created in order to centralize and optimize services: General Management and other departments such as Sales, Technical, Production and Quality. Grupo Garnica Plywood, S.A was then born.

In 2006, QUALITAS Equity Partners buys part of the group's capital. The entrance of this new partner brought strong financial support to improve the group's business/economic growth and professional management. As a result of this strategy the production process also improved, making it possible to extend our product range.

In 2010, the group invested 30 million Euros in the enlargement of the factory of Baños de Río Tobia and in the building of a new mill in Samazan, in southern France.

Garnica Plywood