Garnica Plywood

The GARNICA Plywood Group has its origins in a family sawmill that was founded in 1940 in Baños de Río Tobía (La Rioja). In 1973, the company "Maderas Garnica" was created and the factory was opened in this town for the manufacture of plywood boards. In 2003, the Garnica Plywood Group was created, with the aim of centralising and optimising services such as General Management and the Sales, Technical, Production and Quality departments.

From the outset, the high quality of its plywood was very well received by various European industrial companies that used this material for the production of caravans, boats and furniture, among other applications. Today, they continue to be a benchmark in plywood panels as they continue to use top quality materials, proposing innovative solutions to their customers based on sustainable wood.

At Gabarró we know first-hand the results of Garnica Plywood plywood boards, which is why we have a large number of references of the brand in our catalogue to offer our customers. Discover our range of Garnica brand plywood boards.