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The company was born in 2016 as a result of the alliance between two major brands in the wood world: Sonae Industria and Arauco. Both share the same ambition for international growth and the long-term vision of the business.

SONAE INDÚSTRIA Founded in 1959, Sonae Industria is a multinational company of wood derived boards. From the north of Portugal it spread all over the world, developing products for the furniture, construction and decoration industries that improve people life.
Using wood as the raw material for everything it produces, Sonae Industria assumed, from its inception, the commitment to use natural resources in a sustainable manner and to minimize the environmental impact of its activities.
In addition to this strategic alliance, today Sonae Industria has the largest particle board industrial unit in North America, as well as industrial units of high pressure laminates and furniture components in Portugal and Germany.

ARAUCO Created in 1970 with the objective of producing and managing renewable forest resources, today it is an international benchmark in terms of forest area and industrial facilities, efficiency, production standards, innovation, environmental responsibility and social commitment.

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