HPL Blanc Menuires B015 FA

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Polyvalent, robust and hygienic coating. High resistance to external aggressions (rubbing, bumps, stains…). Sanitized® antibacterial treatment. Non-porous, waterproof surface. Suitable for food contact.

FA finish- Light satin finish with an ultra-fine grain and soft touch, which seduces by its purity and discretion.

Adapted to highly exposed public environments: commerce, hospitality, office, education, health etc. Suitable for covering horizontal surfaces (worktop, furniture) and vertical surfaces (door, wall covering). Surface coating to flatten on any support (wood, metal, mineral, alveolar ...). It can be cold bent or post-formed to achieve curved lines.

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Code Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
5100004 POLYREY HPL B015 FA STD PAPAGO 3070 1240 0,8 3070 1240 1