Pine Plywood Grooved

Plywood panels are versatile and essential products in the construction and carpentry industry.

Composed of wood veneers glued in alternating directions, they offer stability and strength for applications from furniture to siding and framing.

This grooved pine plywood panel is composed of sheets joined by crisscross construction, which gives it greater mechanical resistance and two-dimensional stability.

- Light colored sheet metal with marked veining, grooved on one side
- Glues resistant to outdoor weather class III and phenolic.
- Available quality of sheets: B/C

Variety of applications in wall covering, ceilings, paneling, etc.


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Length mm
Width mm
Thickness mm
20283 CONTRACHAP PINO B/C RANURADO CHAPA EXT III DTC 2440 1220 15 2440 1220 15