Interior Fireproof Urea Poplar Plywood

Board made entirely of poplar sheets, which are joined by means of a crisscross construction. It is a board composed entirely of poplar modified by an innovative treatment that gives 100% of the board a resistance to fire.In addition to having the B-s1-d0 certification.

- Yellow badges
- Fire retardant treatment Euro-class B-s1-d0. according to EN 13501-1
- Class 1 gluing (interior) according to EN 636
- E1 class formaldehyde emission according to EN 13986
- Available quality of BB / BB faces
- Density: 460/520 kg / m3

Ideal board for construction projects of restaurants, auditoriums, schools and other public buildings.
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Quality Glue Length mm
Width mm
Thickness mm
3001624 CONTRACHAPADO CHOPO BB/BB IGN FIRESHIELD INT 3100 1530 9 BB/BB Urea 3100 1530 9
3001623 CONTRACHAPADO CHOPO BB/BB IGN FIRESHIELD INT 3100 1530 15 BB/BB Urea 3100 1530 15