Interior Fireproof Urea Poplar Plywood

Plywood panels are versatile and essential products in the construction and carpentry industry.
Composed of wood veneers glued in alternating directions, they offer stability and strength for applications from furniture to siding and framing.
This poplar plywood board is fire retardant. Board composed entirely of European poplar from sustainable plantations

- Yellowish veneers
- Fireproof treatment Euro-class B-s1-d0 according to standard EN 13501-1
- Class 1 gluing (interior) according to EN 636
- Class E1 formaldehyde emission according to EN 13986
- Available quality of BB/BB faces
- Density: 460/520 kg/m3

Ideal board for construction projects of restaurants, auditoriums, schools and other public buildings.

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Quality Glue Length mm
Width mm
Thickness mm
3001623 CONTRACHAPADO CHOPO BB/BB IGN FIRESHIELD INT 3100 1530 15 BB/BB Urea 3100 1530 15
3001624 CONTRACHAPADO CHOPO BB/BB IGN FIRESHIELD INT 3100 1530 9 BB/BB Urea 3100 1530 9