Melamine Gamela Lacada Feelwood Roble Garonne marrón oscuro H1186 TM37/ST37

Lacquered board 1 side PerfectSense Feelwood TM37 with Particleboard support, backside Melamine finish ST37. Panel ready to machine and place.

TM37 Feelwood Rift Matt finish, gives the design an appearance of natural oiled oak both visually and tactilely, with the added advantage of being resistant to fingerprints. Back face finished ST37 Feelwood Rift finish (synchronized pore). Synchronized pore finish with Halifax Oak design. Oak grain with accentuated cracks perceptible to the touch. Irregular motifs that reinforce the natural aspect of the design.

Applications: These can be used for interior design, screens, etc... It is recommended only for vertical uses.

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19905 GAMELA ROBLE GARONA MARR H1186 TM37 AGL EG 2800 2070 19 2800 2070 19