Laminate Metallic Azul grisáceo F477 ST9

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Laminate is a decorative coating product. Its structure is made up of several layers of paper impregnated with resins (design and core). To assemble the layers, it is subjected to high pressure and high temperature. Normally it is used to cover various supports, MDF particle board (chipboard), plywood, etc.

ST9 finish 

Applications: Interior furniture, panels and carpentry in general. Intended for coating surfaces subjected to medium or high stress: countertops, wardrobe fronts, table tops, benches, shop counters, stands, curved interior equipment, shops, doors, etc.

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Code Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
5012207 LAMINATE METALLIC BLUE GR F477 ST9 STD 2800 1310 0,8 Outlet 2800 1310 1