MDF Novolac

MDF fibers (Medium Density Fiberboard) are panels derived from wood, composed of fine fibers and pressed resin.

This versatile material offers uniformity and stability, ideal for carpentry and interior decoration. MDF furniture is popular due to its smooth surface and easy to paint. It is also a common choice for wall coverings and decorative elements.

These Novolac MDF panels are ideal for creating three-dimensional components for furniture and interior design. It is a special fiber for lacquering as its surface remains even and smooth even after deep milling, and it can be painted or finished with excellent results.

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Length mm
Width mm
Thickness mm
3171011 MDF NOVOLAC ESPECIAL LACAR 2800 2070 19 2800 2070 19
3171012 MDF NOVOLAC ESPECIAL LACAR 2800 2070 22 2800 2070 22