Fireproof particle laminated boards

Chipboard, known for its versatility and economy, is resin-pressed wood particle board.

Chipboard offers a sustainable alternative to solid wood and is widely used in the furniture and construction industry.

Their even and stable surface makes them ideal for shelves, cabinets and tables. In addition, they are the preferred choice for interior lining applications and as a base for decorative laminates.

This fire retardant agglomerate is designed for those applications in which an improvement in fire behavior is needed, thus providing security to the whole.

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Length mm
Width mm
Thickness mm
3147240 AGLOMERADO 1ª IGNIFUGO 2800 2070 16 2800 2070 16
3147244 AGLOMERADO 1ª IGNIFUGO 2800 2070 19 2800 2070 19