Redwood battens with Autoclave treatment

Wooden battens that are mechanized on the 4 sides with 4 sharp-edges. The battens are Strips that can be polished or not, they are lanyard in order to later install on them any platform or product that needs to be fixed on a wood base.The autoclave treatment, offers a protection against all types of fungus, insects and marine invertebrates and the harmful elements in building on the water.

4CV M2C = 4 sharp edges machining 2-sided
4CV M4C = 4 sharp edges machining 4-sided

Before carry out your order it is necessary to verify by phone that the length you need is available in stock.

Wood : Scots pine

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Code Quality
Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
155790 BATTEN AUTOCLAVE FLANDES 6A 4C/V M4C 46 46 0 46 46
155825 BATTEN AUTOCLAVE FLANDES 6A 4C/V M2C 50 25 0 50 25
155792 BATTEN AUTOCLAVE FLANDES 6A 4C/V M2C 50 30 0 50 30