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What is Hi-Macs®?
It is an acrylic stone material that can be molded in any way. Widely used for architectural and interior applications, such as the coating of thermoformable facades of high quality characterized by its impressive architecture, as well as for kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, commercial projects, residential and public spaces.

An extraordinary material.
HI-MACS® is an acrylic, mineral and natural pigment compound that provides a smooth, non-porous, thermoformable and visually impeccable surface. The material meets the highest quality standards in all aspects: performance, manufacturing, functionality and hygiene. Thanks to its quality and the extraordinary flexibility in its manufacture and design, HI-MACS® offers innumerable advantages over conventional materials.

Many outstanding qualities. A convincing material

Simple manipulation

HI-MACS® is almost as robust as stone, however, it can be worked like wood. The acrylic stone can be sawed, milled or drilled with carpentry tools. Thanks to the new Thermal Curing technology, the surface of HI-MACS® is easier to treat than conventional solid surfaces. With it, you will save valuable time since it is easier to sand.

Perfection continues
HI-MACS® allows manufacturing without apparent joints. Its fluid integration allows to create large areas without visible joints, including built-in sinks. As a result it offers clean and extremely hygienic facilities, ideal for use in hospitals and laboratories, among others.

Three-dimensional design
HI-MACS® can be heated with an easy procedure and can be thermoplastically deformed in three dimensions. Compared with conventional materials it offers great flexibility and a great set of shapes. In this way, all kinds of ideas, even the most spectacular ones, can quickly adopt a concrete form.The new formula HI-MACS® Ultra-Thermoforming, allows to mold the material even more; the minimum internal radius of 6 mm (previously of 50 mm) opens a range of possibilities in terms of design.

Spectacular translucency
Various colors and thicknesses of HI-MACS® show a special translucency in combination with light sources. The translucent properties of HI-MACS® make it the perfect choice for lamps and furniture with lighting.

Wide range of colors
The variety of colors is a crucial factor in high quality designs. HI-MACS® offers a virtually unlimited range of colors. No matter which color you choose, HI-MACS® is 100% homogeneous.

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